How do you attract new pupils to your school and how do you reach out to parents who are considering schools for their children? In this current economic climate, your reliance on gaining pupils is crucial to maintaining school budgets.

There is often a lot of competition for school places, with multiple schools in one catchment area all looking to attract new students. It’s key that you market your school in a way that makes it attractive to these prospective students.

Your recruitment strategy needs to be a consistent delivery of marketing strategies throughout the year, however, there are many tactics that can still be used to give your school the best chance of filling its places.

School marketing is also extremely valuable for communicating with other stakeholders, such as parents, governors or sponsors, and engaging with the wider school community. Effectively sharing your vision and values, as well as what’s going on in the school, can elevate your presence.

The iTCHYROBOT Team have created 7 useful tips that you can implement within your school setting to maximise opportunities to boost your school admission numbers.

1. Ensure you are delivering consistent and clear brand messages, 2. Make sure you know who your prospective parents are and what they need from your school, 3. Improve your communication process and make sure your messages stand out, 4. Make your website appealing and effective for targeting prospective parents, 5. Use the power of social media, a free promotional tool that can reach your parents, 6. Get out into the community and share your schools story and 7. Maximise opportunities at your school’s open day.

Our 7 Tips to improve primary school admissions

  • Clear, consistent brand and messages – Your school’s ‘story’ should be consistent regardless of what communication channel your audience can access. Your school website, social media channels and school environment should convey the same messages and brand values, colours and voice. Find out more
  • Who are your prospective parents – When creating a marketing plan or implementing strategies to boost your school admission numbers, you need to know and understand your prospective parents. Find out more
  • Improve your communication process – We all live in a world where communication is crucial to making anything a success. On a daily basis we are bombarded with messages from social media, text messaging, push notifications, letter etc. So how do you make sure yours stand out and, ensure that you have an effective communication process? Find out more
  • Make your website a selling tool – Be honest, if you were a parent looking at your school website would you be assured your school is saying all the right things? Does it really sell your school? Find out more
  • Use the power of social media – I don’t have to convince you that social media is one of the main forms of communication in this decade – like it or hate it, it is here and should be exploited as much as possible. AND IT’S FREE! Find out more
  • Go out into the community – Your prospective parents are in your community and they aren’t coming into your school why not go out to them? There are lots of venues within all communities that have a large amount of footfall and passing trade to enable you to target a large amount of people at minimal cost. Find out more
  • Maximise opportunities on your open day – Your school open day is one of the main activities that is carried out each year, regardless of whether you are a primary or secondary school. How can you ensure they are more successful? Find out more


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