Embracing the iTCHYROBOT Schools Web Platform means you are enhancing the way you communicate with your school community. But its not all about the big features like the parents evening system and blogs. Sometimes its the little things that sit in the background inconspicuously that make a big difference.

One feature that highlights our commitment to simplicity and effectiveness is our built-in QR Code generator. We noticed some schools were uncertain about using QR Codes, with concerns ranging from potential costs to the technical know-how required to create them. To address this, we’ve made it incredibly easy: every page, post, or event created on your school website automatically generates a QR Code the moment it’s published.

Whether it’s a page detailing the next parents’ evening or a new newsletter, as soon as you hit ‘publish’, a QR Code is generated and available in the sidebar. This can be saved and used in various ways such as being incorporated it into letters home, embed in newsletters, or even displayed on posters around the school. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

This means no more need to search for free QR Code generators or worry about the accuracy of the information encoded in your QR Codes. Everything is done automatically, ensuring that you can focus more on content and less on the technology and trickery. It couldn’t me easier. Log in, create your content, and hit publish—it’s that easy. Your QR Codes are ready when you are, streamlining your communications and making information access instant and effortless for everyone in the school community.

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