We all live in a world where communication is crucial to making anything a success. On a daily basis we are bombarded with messages from social media, text messaging, push notifications, letter etc. So how do you make sure yours stand out and, ensure that you have an effective communication process?

If you are a maintained school, your school places are very much managed by your Local Authority so you lose a certain element of control. So, how can you get some of this control back? That’s right – through communication.

How do we collect contact details?

As a school, you’ll naturally be collecting parents’ details in case they ever needed to be contacted about their children – but as long as these are collected in the right way, they can be utilised for more general updates about the school and other marketing materials.

However you collect details, whether that’s through a form on the website or a clipboard at an event, ensure that there’s a checkbox option for parents to opt in to receive additional communications from yourselves. This ensures you’re taking the correct steps to be able to contact them more.

What should we do with details?

This is completely up to you – just make sure you use them! After an event, are you sending out follow up emails or letters to parents? Even a short note thanking them for their attendance at an event etc, is a point of communication that shouldn’t be missed!

The key is keeping a consistent, regular (but not spammy) line of contact with your community. Whether that’s through direct messages, like emails, or posting more generic messages on social media, engaging local parents, governors and more.

Ideas For Communications

One of the easiest types of communication your school can do is a monthly newsletter. This can feature upcoming events, success stories from the past month and general goings on around the school designed to engage parents. This is a great, easy way to share information as there’s always loads of things going on!

We’ve also created a free communication plan that any schools can download! This can be accessed using the button below:

How iTCHYROBOT sites can aid communications

iTCHYROBOT School websites come integrated with a form creation tool so that you can ensure compliance with GDPR, and also get a great list of prospects that you can engage throughout the year.

Each site allows for news articles to be written and uploaded to them. This allows you to easily create shareable content, whether that’s via a newsletter or social media.

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