Our platform is designed to simplify your school’s administrative processes. A prime example of how we keep achieving time savings is with our title generator for policies and documents, a feature that exemplifies efficiency.

We developed this handy tool during a series of website migrations, when it became clear that manually uploading a policy then copying the document name and editing the title was not only time-consuming but had a raft of unnecessary steps. After discussions with schools about their needs and the challenges they faced, we introduced a straightforward solution. Upload your document as normal and press capture title which takes the document name and copies it to the title bar, then modify as needed and press publish. Job done…

Our title generator works by processing the filenames you upload. As long as the files are named clearly, the system automatically generates a corresponding title for the menu. This means no more manual entry of titles, reducing the number of steps and significantly saving time. It’s a subtle yet powerful tool that makes managing school documents easier and faster, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks. This feature is just one way we’re helping to streamline school website management, ensuring everything runs smoothly with minimal effort.

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