Our integrated blog feature is a dynamic addition to your school’s website. We understand the importance of having an easy-to-navigate space where schools can share a wide array of content. This feature is tailored to align with your school, making it a seamless part of your school’s communication strategy.

Writing blogs offers a creative outlet for both students and staff, enabling the publication of diverse content that captures the vibrancy of school life. From showcasing student work and learning journeys across various subjects to updating the community on sports team achievements or essential events like Year 6 transitions, the blog is an ideal platform for all this and more.

Our blog uses a fully-featured blocks editor, which is intuitive and unrestricted, allowing complete creative freedom. Enhanced by iTCHYROBOT, this editor includes additional functionalities such as easy video embedding and the ability to integrate maps directly into posts. Alongside these, all the standard blocks like text, columns, and images are available and enhanced by our innovative features.

Having a blog on a school website offers numerous advantages:

  1. Enhanced Communication: Regular posts can keep parents and the community informed about school events, updates, and student achievements.
  2. Student Engagement: Students can actively participate in creating content, which can be a motivational learning experience and enhance their IT and writing skills.
  3. Showcasing School Life: A blog provides a platform to broadcast the lively and diverse aspects of school activities, from sports competitions and school plays to special projects and community involvement.
  4. Educational Resource: Teachers can post educational content or supplementary learning materials that students can access outside of school hours.
  5. Archiving History: Over time, the blog serves as a historical record of the school’s activities, preserving memories and educational milestones for future reflection.

Our discrete and user-friendly blog section is designed to sit quietly in the background, ready for you or your pupils to unleash creativity whenever inspiration strikes. It’s an invaluable tool that enhances the educational experience and strengthens the connection between the school and its wider community.

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