At iTCHYROBOT Schools, we focus on implementing small yet impactful features designed to streamline your school’s administrative processes. A perfect example of this is our dynamic lunch menu feature, crafted to save you time and effort.

Traditionally, updating the school website with new weekly lunch menus can be a recurring and time-consuming task. Recognising this the iTCHYROBOT Tech Team alongside one of our schools developed a simple solution that allows you to input all your lunch menus at the start of the academic year. Once entered, our system cleverly manages which menu is displayed for any given week, eliminating the need for weekly editorial updates.

For parents and carers this means they can always access the current week’s lunch menu with ease directly from your school website. There’s no confusion about which meals are available each week, simplifying the process for everyone involved. This innovative feature not only saves valuable administrative time but also enhances the overall user experience by providing clear, accurate, and timely information.

By automating the lunch menu updates, we aim to free up your school staff’s time so they can focus more on educational priorities and less on administrative tasks. This change in process, though simple, can significantly impact the efficiency of your school’s operations.

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