Existing school communications can be streamlined with our intuitive digital delivery platform, designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows. By moving from traditional paper-based methods to our online system, your school can significantly reduce the need for printing and physically sending documents home—a process that often results in important information getting lost before it reaches parents. Taking into account your current workflows of producing school newsletters in Word, Publisher or latterly Sway it is possible rather than pressing print to instead save as a PDF document and load the content directly onto your iTCHYROBOT Schools Website.

Experience the convenience of having all school communications accessible in one central location on your school website. Parents and carers can access the content at a time that suits them, ensuring they stay informed and engaged with their child’s education.

Our platform preserves a historical archive of school activities and communications (only if you don’t delete the content). This means that nothing gets lost, and everything from past events to recent updates is readily available for reference at any time. A great research resource for potential parents when looking to decide which school is a good fit for their child. With falling admissions rates the increase in competition is greater than ever. For very little extra effort it is a great idea to publish your school newsletter on your website to showcase and celebrate everything that is unique and great about your school.

Digital delivery of PDF documents enhances accessibility. A well-designed and branded school newsletter not only looks professional but also supports inclusivity. Thanks to browser technologies, newsletters can be read aloud, and features such as adjustable contrast, font sizes, and zoom enable all users to access the information comfortably and to suit their needs.

Our user-friendly newsletter feature simplifies the upload of PDFs and the integration of Sway documents. Newsletters are easily categorised, making it straightforward for parents and carers to find specific information. Additionally, our built-in text search further eases the process of keeping up to date with school news, making it a breeze for everyone involved.

If you are already an iTCHYROBOT School make sure to book on one of our team led free weekly training sessions. Our sessions are open to anyone from our schools tasked with managing the school website. We are here to help make sure you are getting the most out of the features included in the platform.

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