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Revolutionising School Event Management and Communication

Introducing the iTCHYROBOT School Events Calendar – the definitive tool for streamlining event organisation and communication within educational settings. Tailor-made for schools, our calendar introduces unparalleled ease and efficiency to orchestrating the academic year. Discover the unique features that distinguish the iTCHYROBOT

School Events Calendar:

  • Sophisticated Event Tagging for Streamlined Organisation: Our calendar facilitates the tagging and categorisation of events, from school holidays to parents’ evenings and professional development days, ensuring you can easily locate the events that matter.
  • Seamless Integration with School Systems: The iTCHYROBOT Calendar is fully integrated with your school’s website and parents’ evening system, creating a cohesive experience. This integration means that all event information is readily accessible and synchronised across platforms, ensuring parents, carers, and staff are always up-to-date.
  • One-Step Event Publishing with Integrated Alerts: Publish an event and simultaneously trigger an integrated school alert on the homepage of your website, all with a single action. Say goodbye to completing multiple tasks – now, do it once and update everywhere, ensuring parents and carers have the information they need effortlessly.
  • Dual View Options for Personalised Viewing: Catering to diverse preferences, our calendar offers both a traditional calendar view and a list view. Whether you’re planning ahead or looking for specific event details, choose the view that best suits your needs for a customised browsing experience.
  • Effortless Navigation: Navigate through the school year with ease, thanks to our user-friendly interface. Whether you’re moving linearly across months or jumping to specific months, our calendar makes finding and organising school events straightforward and hassle-free.
  • A Doddle to Organise and Communicate: With the iTCHYROBOT School Events Calendar, organising the school year and communicating upcoming events has never been simpler. Our calendar is designed to take the hassle out of event management, making it a ‘doddle’ for staff, parents, and carers alike.

Join the numerous schools that have already embraced the iTCHYROBOT School Events Calendar and transform the way you manage and communicate school events. Experience the ease, efficiency, and innovation it brings to school event organisation today

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Your school website is one of the key places a prospective parent will visit to find out more about your school. Ensuring your website reflects your school and key messages are tailored to prospective parents and carers is a must.

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Knowing what channels your target market are using and targeting them with key messages can be a cost effective way of market-ing your school to prospective parents & carers. Our team can support you to plan your content and design effective social media campaigns.



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