When creating a marketing plan or implementing strategies to boost your school admission numbers, you need to know and understand your prospective parents.

  • Who are your prospective parents? Doing the same marketing activity that every other school is doing is not a solution. It is imperative that YOU understand YOUR prospective parents and what they need from your school.
  • Where are they? Your school may be using twitter to share your story and publish everything amazing about your school. However, have you ever looked at whether this is a platform that your parents are using daily? Analysing your parents and understanding what platforms they use can ensure your posts are targeting your ideal community.
  • What do they need? When analysing your prospective parents, take a look at what they need from your school. Are you based in a community with high paid jobs and parents who work full-time? Do they need a school that provides wraparound care? Are they EAL parents who need you to prove that you have the resource to meet their needs?

Creating your ideal parent avatar is a great way to identify who your parents are and what are the best channels to target them. This will also highlight what your key messages need to be to ensure you are attracting these parents to your school.

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