Enhanced Policy Management Features

We’re excited to announce the latest improvements to our Policy Features, designed to streamline and enhance the organisation of policy documents on your school website. With the introduction of policy categories and the innovative iTCHYROBOT Policy Block for the WordPress editor, managing your policy documentation has never been easier.

Simplified Policy Organisation

By categorising your policies, you can now easily upload and organise them within your website’s policy section. This structured approach not only makes it easier to find specific policies but also aids in maintaining a tidy and efficient policy page.

Introducing the iTCHYROBOT Policy Block

Our new iTCHYROBOT Policy Block steamlines how you add and update policies across your site. Simply upload your policy documents as usual, assign them to a category, and then use the policy block on any page where the policy is required. By selecting the appropriate category within the block, all related policies will automatically populate on the page.

Streamlined Updates and Consistency

One of the standout features of the iTCHYROBOT Policy Block is its ability to manage policy updates centrally. When a policy is updated in the policy section, the changes automatically reflect across every page where the policy block is used. This eliminates the risk of outdated or inconsistent policy versions appearing on different pages of your site.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Efficient Management: All policy documents are managed in one section, even if they’re displayed on multiple pages.
  • Time-Saving: Updating policies in one location updates them site-wide, reducing the administrative burden.
  • Consistency: Ensures that only the most current version of a policy is displayed, avoiding confusion and maintaining compliance.

Our policy features will greatly enhance your ability to manage policies on your school’s website, making the process more efficient and reliable. All these enhancements come alongside automatically creating the document title in WordPress and improved search and sorting for vistors to your website. We have lots more features planned for the policy section including AI search so check back regularly to find out about improvements to this product feature.

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