Have you been tasked with carrying out marketing for your school, but aren’t quite sure if you’re doing the right thing?

iTCHYROBOT have your back!

Our vast experience in the educational marketing sector means that we can offer guidance and advice based on your current marketing strategies. We’ll identify campaigns that aren’t quite working, discuss whether your goals are appropriate and achievable and offer tips on different activities to try moving forward.

Think of our team as a sounding board that you can bounce ideas off. If you’ve been tasked with creating a new campaign, our audit process will help to analyse issues you may face and how to get around them. We all need a sanity check from time-to-time, and we’ll be on hand to help.

We know the responsibility often gets thrust at someone with little to no experience, however marketing without experience can be like walking through a dark forest without a torch. It can often be a real struggle so why not engage us to conduct an audit and keep you moving in the right direction?

What’s included in school marketing audits?

Topics we cover in audits could include:

Evaluating Goals

Any target that you set should be realistic and achievable. Based on previous results, we can suggest goals and timeframes for your school to aim for.

Audits for Chosen Platforms

If you focus on a platform that your audience doesn’t use, you’re wasting time and effort. Therefore, we can review each platform’s performance and make recommendations from the results.

Content Checks

In addition to what platforms you use, we can review the content you’re posting out to them. It’s vital to use imagery and text that resonate with your stakeholders. Following this, we’ll also take a look at your website’s content to identify issues.

SEO Audits

Is your website up to snuff? Our team will carry out a review of your website using SEO tools to see how it measures up on Google. After that, recommendations can be made to improve it.

Branding Review

We’ll inspect your current branding and marketing materials in order to see if any improvements can be made. It’s easy for branding to get out-dated, so it’s important to refresh it semi-regularly.

Parental Feedback

iTCHYROBOT can help to develop feedback from parents (or other stakeholders) into a tangible plan. Subsequently, we can then help you to enact this plan and make the relevant changes.


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