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Whatever your business, it’s important to future proof your plans and use technology to your advantage! Whether that’s for digital marketing purposes, customer management or processing orders, there’s plenty of tech out there to make life easier. One such platform is Microsoft Power Apps.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Simply put, Power Apps allows people with little knowledge of coding to develop custom apps for a range of purposes to help take your business to the next level. From automating processes to improving staff communication or organisation, and much more, the possibilities are endless.

It becomes especially powerful if your business uses the Microsoft 365 family of products. Native integration makes it simple to feed data from a source into the app and vice versa. However, Microsoft have added over 500 connectors, allowing users to hook up systems like MailChimp, Adobe products and more.

What are the benefits for business?

Whilst the platform still needs skill and knowledge to set up successfully, the barrier to entry is a lot lower. This makes it much more accessible than other technologies, such as coding a website or app from scratch. This means that, dependent on what you’re trying to do, you may be able to avoid outsourcing the app to an external company, thus saving money.

The real benefits come down to whatever you want your app to do! The possibilities are almost limitless, allowing you to set up automation, speed up processes, facilitate collaboration, track stock and much much more. Power Apps is truly what you make of it.

How are other people using it?

We utilised Microsoft Power Apps to create two apps for one of our clients, Cleveland Mountain Rescue.

Vehicle Tracking & Logging

The team utilises a fleet of vehicles for different purposes, whether that’s actual rescues, general transportation or something else. It’s important for everyone to know who’s using what vehicle when, and why they’re using it. We created a simple app that all the team can use to log when they’re using a vehicle. This then gets transferred to a central system that everyone can access. If a certain vehicle is needed, but one member has it, they can check the logs and see if it could be retrieved and used.

This system also allows for maintenance checks to be requested and/or logged, keeping the vehicles in tip top shape at all times.

Door Unlock System

We also created a Power App system that allows the team to sign in on-site, which then unlocks a door for them. This increases security and also allows the team to see who’s on site at any one point in time.

power apps door lock system

Portal Systems

One example provided by Microsoft is how Ernst & Young used Power Apps to create a portal system to manage COVID-19 loans. Due to the impact of the pandemic, a solution had to be created quickly in order to ensure businesses could register for PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and stay afloat.

As many competing companies wanted to provide this service, it was key that EY stood out from the crowd. Thanks to the ease, and speed, of creating a Power App, they were able to win over customers using a prototype whilst others just had concepts. In this case, the app was directly responsible for winning a large amount of business.

Power Apps sound awesome – I want one?

They really are! We love them here. They offer loads of flexibility and choice. The iTCHYROBOT team really enjoy creating bespoke solutions for businesses, especially if it’s a bit of a challenge! Why not contact us today and see how we can solve your business problems?

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