Data Collection and Parental Engagement

Who is this session for?

This session is aimed at the school team responsible for sending forms to parents and collating the information returned.

These forms can be as diverse as new school registration forms through to making sure parents have signed to allow use of their child’s image on your website or social media.

What will be covered?

We will cover converting paper forms into online forms and how to communicate these to your parents.

We will be taking a detailed look at building and collecting information via online forms.

We will be looking at how to customise the pre-set forms and how to build a form from scratch.

We will delve into adding logic to your forms that allows you to ask different questions based on user responses.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to add GDPR statements for forms and what you should be considering when collecting data.

You will know how to access and download your captured data for further interrogation in Excel.

You will leave the session understanding the power and capability available when moving paper forms online.

Overview of Topics

  • Creating forms from the available templates
  • Creation of forms from scratch
  • Adding logic to forms
  • Adding forms to website pages.
  • Page security options, Draft, Published, Private, Password Protected
  • GDPR related to collecting data online

Session Dates

All sessions are 60 minutes, via Zoom and will start at 4pm