Advanced Page Editing

Who is this session for?

This session is aimed at those tasked with updating page content on your school website.

What will be covered?

We will cover publishing content on class pages and updating news feeds to promote your school achievements.

The session will be a mixture of demonstration, question and answers and practical skills.

If you want to double up getting trained and end the session with a new page published on your school website come along armed with some text, picture, video and an idea for page layout and we can do the session with your live content. 

What will you learn?

You will learn how to use blocks effectively to build creative page layouts.

We will touch on the variety of layout block available and how to achieve your goals in different ways.

You will learn how to speed up your editing saving you time.

You will leave with an understanding of web file types and some of the decisions you need to make when adding media to your school web pages.

Overview of Topics

  • Speeding up your editing using shortcuts, shortcodes and reusable blocks.
  • Advanced layouts, columns and blocks
  • Adding colour and variation to your site.
  • Online image editing
  • Handling documents, filetypes and display options

Session Dates

All sessions are 60 minutes, via Zoom and will start at 4pm