With primary school placements now confirmed, the countdown to the first day of school in September begins for many families. As educators, it’s not just about welcoming new students but also about embracing their parents into the school community. Establishing a strong relationship with parents early on sets the tone for a collaborative and supportive journey ahead. Here’s how your school can effectively onboard new parents and communicate with them before their child’s first day:

1. Initiate Regular Communication

One of the most crucial steps in building a rapport with new parents is consistent communication. Seize this opportunity to start off on the right foot by reaching out promptly and regularly.

  • Welcome Email or Letter: Begin by sending a warm welcome message to new parents, either through email or traditional mail. Introduce yourself, whether you’re the headteacher or their child’s future teacher, and express genuine excitement about having them join the school community.
  • ‘Tell Me About You’ Letter: Encourage parents to share more about their child by sending a template for them to fill out. This not only helps you understand the student better but also shows parents that you value their input from the outset.

Here is a FREE downloadable template that you can use for your school. Just add your school logo.

2. Alleviate Concerns and Communicate your Policies

Effective communication is the foundation of a strong parent-school partnership. Ensure that parents are not only aware of your communication policies but also know where to find information when they need it. Clearly outline the channels you use to disseminate information, such as newsletters, school apps, social media or a dedicated school website section for parents.

Consider organising orientation sessions or workshops to familiarise parents with these communication tools and answer any questions they might have. We know everyone is super busy so why not use technology like Teams or Zoom. When parents are confident in their ability to stay informed, they are more likely to engage actively with the school.

Introducing the iTCHYROBOT Comms Card

The Team at iTCHYROBOT have a cost-effective, simple solution for ensuring parents know how and where to contact you with our Comms Card.

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Simply provide us with your key forms of parent communication and we will create you your own branded card to give to your parents. Branded with your school colours and customised to your school communications, this card really is a game-changer!

Create a FAQ Page on Your Website

Sometimes, parents have common questions or concerns that can easily be addressed. To streamline communication and provide quick answers, consider creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your school’s website. Include key information about school policies, procedures, important dates, and other relevant details.

Encourage parents to check this page first before reaching out with enquiries. It can save both parents and school staff valuable time and ensure that everyone has access to consistent and accurate information.

3. Foster Community Engagement

Building a sense of community among parents is just as important as integrating students into the school. Encourage parent involvement from the outset to create a supportive network within your school community.

  • Parent Welcome Events: Organise social events or meet-and-greet sessions for new parents to connect with each other and existing members of the school community. This can be done virtually or in person, depending on current circumstances.
  • Parent Volunteer Opportunities: Highlight opportunities for parents to get involved in school activities or volunteering roles. Whether it’s assisting in the classroom, participating in fundraising events, or joining parent-teacher associations, involvement fosters a sense of belonging and investment in the school community.

By prioritising open communication, addressing concerns, and fostering a welcoming environment, your school can lay the foundation for a positive and collaborative partnership with new parents. Together, we can ensure a smooth transition for both students and their families as they embark on this exciting new chapter.

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