South Hetton Primary School embarked on a mission to redefine their online presence creating a visually appealing website that reflected their values and ethos. Recognising the importance of a visually engaging and informative website, the school partnered with iTCHYROBOT Schools who specialise in school website to launch a captivating redesign project.

The new website boasts a range of engaging elements, including an animated version of the school’s logo, stunning photography that captures the essence of school life, and stylised notelets with custom animations highlighting key content areas. These additions were carefully curated to reflect the school’s character, emphasize its partnership with the Tudhoe Learning Trust, and provide a convenient platform for disseminating school newsletters.

To keep website visitors well-informed of the latest happenings at the school, the website boasts a custom-designed Facebook Feed. This feature provides real-time updates and news directly from the school’s official Facebook page, creating a seamless bridge between the website and social media. It ensures that parents, students, and the community can easily access the most current information, events, and announcements, making the website an invaluable resource for staying connected with South Hetton Primary School’s vibrant community.

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