Normanby Primary School and trust recognised the importance of having an engaging and informative website to connect with students, parents, and the wider community effectively. Partnering with iTCHYROBOT, the school aimed to create a dynamic website that not only showcased the adventurous activities its pupils enjoyed but also seamlessly integrated with the Ironstone Academy Trust’s Website and reflected the standardised content plan within the trust to ensure compliance which streamlines content management and prevents duplication of effort.

The website features custom drawn header images based on photos supplied by the school which providing a glimpse into the exciting learning opportunities available. The website also includes a rich collection of photographs that document the school experience, offering a visual narrative of the vibrant community and inspiring educational journey at Normanby Primary School.

To streamline content management and enhance consistency across the Ironstone Academy Trust, the website features custom content integration with the trust’s central site. This integration not only ensures that information is accurate and up-to-date but also reduces the administrative burden on school staff by preventing the duplication of effort when updating essential content.

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Project website screenshot