Changing the menus on your website is a simple task. Head to the admin area and look for “Appearance” in the left hand menu in the back-end dashboard. If you click, or, hover on this you will then see “Menus” appear below.

Once on the menus page, you can select from the dropdown which one you would like to edit. The drop down is in the main section of the page displayed, near the top. Generally, the main top level menu bar for your website will be called main-menu unless you have changed the name of this or, have specific functionality.

You will see a list of categories on the main body of the page. If you select “Pages”, this will bring up a list of every page your website holds. From here, you can insert and drag pages to where you need them to be.

To select a page to add to the menu, scroll to the page title (under pages) and select the tick box next to it, then, add to menu. If you can’t find it, there is also a search function where you can type part of the title and it will display everything relating to this.

This will automatically place the page to the right hand side, at the bottom.

When building the menus, any items that are tight to the left of the box are top level menu items and any items that are indented slightly to the right, become the drop down from that main item title. To move the page, hover the mouse over it and drag it to where you need it to be.

To remove an item from the menu simply click on the down arrow then an option to change the item label and delete button will appear.

Once you have finished editing your menu don’t forget to press the save button on the right hand side of the page.

Sub Menu

If your website is built to include a sub menu i.e. Under “About Us” you may have, Meet the Staff, Term Dates, Head Teachers Welcome etc, on these pages, all the other pages under “About Us” will be displayed in a mini menu on the page, on the right. You will need to amend the sub page menu when you change or add / delete a page.

To access this you need to follow the same instructions as above but, instead of selecting main-menu, select the name of the relevant category drop down, i.e. “About Us’. From here you will add the pages as above.

To show that specific menu on the right hand side of the page, go into the page, for example, Meet the Staff, scroll down past the content area and you will see a section called “sub menu”. Click the drop down and select the correct sub menu (in this case “About Us”) that you want to show on the page and press “Update” top right.