Last week, the latest version of the WordPress CMS, 5.9 or ‘Joséphine’ was launched, but what exactly does this mean for your website? Well, we can assure you that any changes are positive for your website and will actually be introducing some very useful new tools!

Named after the famous jazz singer Joséphine Baker, this update is shaping up to be great so far!

Increased Flexibility

Most new version releases bring a host of new blocks to try on your site, and this one is no different. Over 30 theme blocks have been released to build various parts of the site. These offer your website administrators more flexibility when adding or editing website content.

On top of this, there are additional design tools allowing for even more creativity on your pages. You can add filters to images within the platform now, plus fine-tune the border radius on each button you add.

If you’re an avid blogger or make text changes regularly, you may notice an improved publishing flow on the site. There are new typography tools and a higher level of detail control, which will allow you to ensure content looks exactly how you imagine.

Ever been searching for a different look for your page but weren’t sure where to start? WordPress now has a Pattern Directory which features a wide a range of pre-built block patterns, which can be edited as you see fit.

If you’ve used the gallery block before, you might have been frustrated not to have the same options as when you upload a single image. Now each image in the gallery can be styled differently, and the layout can be changed by simply dragging and dropping.

Overall, the Joséphine update looks great and we can’t wait to get stuck in trying some of the new features! If you’d like to find out even more about 5.9, you can read WordPress’ official blog release here.

Need WordPress Help?

If you need any help with the new features from 5.9 or anything else on your site, you can sign up for a training session here or contact our support team here.

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