Upcoming Functionality

All of our clients know that our website platform is built on top of WordPress. This allows us to spend more time on writing school focused functionality and less time worrying about log ins and editor functionality.

The huge benefit to our schools is that WordPress are currently beavering away at creating even more tools for WordPress which means more tools for you.

There is a new update currently scheduled to be released in mid August 2020 that will bring a whole raft of updates with some of the best bits listed below.

Inline image editing – Crop, rotate, and zoom photos inline right from image blocks this will give you even more control on how your images look.

Block patterns – Building elaborate pages can be a breeze with new block patterns this will give you a framework on how to build your own layouts. Several are included by default.

Device previews – See how your content will look to users on many different screen sizes soon you will be able to check how your pages respond with your content without having to check your phone.

Discover, install, and insert third-party blocks from your editor using the new block directory. Say you have an idea of something you want to build on a page check the block directory to see if someone else has had the same idea.

A smoother editing experience with: 

  • Refined drag-and-drop
  • Block movers that you can see and grab
  • Ability to copy and relocate blocks easily
  • And, better performance

Now add backgrounds and gradients to more kinds of blocks, like groups, columns, media & text this means you can make your site stand out even more than before.

These are just a taste of the updates coming up so if you have any questions on the above, or ones about current functionality get in touch and see how we can help.