How do you communicate your school policies to your staff members? If you have a new staff member how do you ensure they have viewed and agreed all of your policies? Does this take numerous emails, print outs, hours of chasing up and filing? 

The iTCHYROBOT Schools Platform has the solution – Our integrated Policy Manager.

Managing your policies with the integrated Policy Manager will help you to communicate, govern and maintain all of your school policies via the website. The Policy Manager is a perfect solution to save time and resource ensuring all of your staff have read your policies and keeping records up to date.

Key Benefits of the Policy Manager

  • Manage all of your policies in one place on your web platform.
  • Assign review dates for your policies and receive alerts when they are due for renewal
  • Improve how you communicate and obtain signing of your policies
  • Staff are informed via email when a policy requires signing
  • Remove the paper trail and get your staff to digitally sign their acceptance
  • Access reports to view and manage signatories and acceptance
  • Provide proof of how you manage your school policies to governors and regulatory bodies.

How do I get the Policy Manager?

The iTCHYROBOT Policy Manager is integrated with our custom built School Web Platform.

If you are one of our VIP clients this feature is already available to you. If you would like to see a demo or arrange a meeting to discuss your school website then contact us on 01642 688808 or email

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