The iTCHYROBOT Devs have spent a little time this week putting a game together using a Javascript framework. It sees our Robot jumping over the aliens for as long as it can to get the high score. 

The controls are simple but take time to master! Move the robot left and right and then jump over the aliens as they get close. 

On your keyboard 

Left Arrow: Move Left 

Right Arrow: Move Right 

Up Arrow/Spacebar: Jump

The Game 

The iTCHYROBOT team aren’t one to miss a learning experience though, the game is built using an open source framework that anyone can use to create games like ours or get even more inventive.

The game is built using the framework and then we have added a themed up style based on our robot trying to escape the aliens! Can you think of an alternate theme? Could you see your headteacher running through the school avoiding all manner of objects?!  

The Challenge 

Out of the team here the score below has been the best by far, can you beat it? 

More Information 

If you would like more information or ideas on how you could use this in your school get in touch with us below and we would be happy to chat.

Boredom Buster Game
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Background vector created by upklyak – –  

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