Last week, our esteemed Technical Manager, Scott, undertook a reflective journey to the beginning of his 15-year career in the realm of Information Technology.

With minimal IT knowledge but backed by a sound range of technical A levels, he evolved through the ranks—from an apprentice with Baltic Training working as a content editor, junior and senior developer, and now our technical manager at iTCHYROBOT. Scott’s current role is a pivotal position as Technical Manager making decisions on all the tech used within iTCHYROBOT.

Returning to his roots, however, was not merely a personal introspection. Starting his career as an apprentice, Scott knows the value of the training and the foundation it provided him in the early days of his career. Getting the chance to speak to 40 apprentices starting the same journey was a privilege and paying it forward to the next generation on the Baltic Programming and Content Creator courses. Baltic Training describe this course as;

The audience, comprising apprentices enrolled on the Baltic Training’s Programming received instruction in and mentoring in WordPress, plugins, themes development and management and the art of having a solid backup procedure in place otherwise known as disaster recovery.

From Scott himself:

On the day one of the main topics that we looked into is the use of plugins within sites and how each one should be carefully reasoned. Looking at why it was being installed, for what purpose, the backup option if it stopped working with and their safety rating for the plugin.

Most WordPress plugins can be found on the WordPress directory

From the directory most plugins can be viewed along with their statistics, we talked about using this information to create a safety rating for the plugin in terms of how well used the plugin is and looking at the star reviews and outstanding support tickets to make an informed decision about the plugin, this was just one of the topics that we looked into during the session.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to present to the apprentices and hopefully we will do more sessions in partnership with Batlic Apprenticeships in the future.