With the teacher retention crisis in the news and the aim to attract the top of the profession to your school, marketing your school effectively and recruiting the right candidates is a top priority. 

How do you ensure your school gets those critical applications when you advertise a vacancy?

When applying for a job where is the first place you look when researching the organisation? 

Correct, the school website.

What does your school website say about your school’s work environment, how you support your employees, training and CPD and workplace wellbeing?

I know many schools that offer an amazing place to work but what is said about this on their school website? – absolutely nothing!

Take a look at your school vacancies page, your staff pages or any careers pages you have? What is on that page that markets your school, what entices an individual to want to apply? 

I am assuming many of you reading this will have the same answer – nothing, not a single word describing the childcare provision you offer, the training and support you provide, the staff wellbeing programmes that are integrated throughout your school or Trust. 

I know why this may be. You see your website as a portal for Ofsted to do their checks, a document store for your policies and performance data. Wrong, your school website is everything your school stands for. 

It needs to appeal to a range of different audiences. How are you appealing to potential new recruits? 

So what would make a great careers section or vacancies page?

  1. Staff quotes, testimonials. Ask some of your staff if they would be happy to tell their story. How long have they worked there, why do they enjoy working there? 
  2. What training and support does your school offer your staff? Describe it, how does it benefit your staff? How does it benefit the pupils?
  3. What social events do you celebrate with your staff? Show some imagery that reflects this. 
  4. What is your school ethos and what do you look for in a candidate. Yes that might be a qualified teacher but that doesn’t mean they will ‘fit’ with your school ethos. 
  5. How can your page inspire someone to want to apply? Challenge the norm and show potential candidates why they should work at your school.
  6. How does your school ensure that work/life balance?

Take some inspiration from some Business websites and really make the most of your school careers page. Here are some of our favourites below:


I love the way they have reinforced the values of the organisation and how this can be applied to the individual.


This is an amazing Careers section and showcases how employees are rewarded in exchange for the hard work of each individual.

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