How do you attract new pupils to your school and how do you reach out to parents who are considering schools for their children? In this current economic climate, your reliance on gaining pupils is crucial to maintaining school budgets.

You may be in the position of being oversubscribed in which case admissions does not pose a problem but what about those schools who are competing for pupils?

Your recruitment strategy needs to be a consistent delivery of marketing strategies throughout the year however, there are many tactics that can still be used to give your school the best chance of filling its places.

Here are 5 tips that will help your school to attract parents to your school.

Read Tip 1 – Clear, consistent brand and messages

Read Tip 2 – Improve your Communication Process

Read Tip 3 – Make your website a selling tool

Read Tip 4 – Use the power of social media

Read Tip 5 – Go out into the community

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