Keeping your website images up to date is not only a great idea to give your website a refresh but also part of your data and safeguarding compliance.

If you have images of pupils who left 6 years ago, or even teachers that left a few years ago – YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE THEM!. To save yourself a headache later down the track, ensure that you are regularly checking your school website and check these images against the permissions that you have.

For most school websites, unfortunately, this may be a case of checking every page, every news story etc. If you have an iTCHYROBOT School website, we have tried to make this job as easy as possible with our Safeguarding Image Tool. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

Remember, you may also have images of children or staff that you no longer have permission for on your social media platforms. This is something that is sometimes forgotten but equally as important!

The images can be quickly found by selecting the photos tab from within your school page on Facebook or, on Twitter you can also see your photos and delete them as appropriate.

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