If you have seen changes to your usual log in page recently, you are one of our chosen clients to trial the new log in system.

As you will be aware, we are continuously looking to improve our products and services to make life easier for our clients.

One of our most recent developments is our ‘Magic Login’. This will alleviate the need to remember log in usernames, passwords and to answer the maths questions (which we even get wrong, on occasion).

The system relies upon an email that is used by the user in the system so you must ensure that you have access to the email you have registered your account with. So, instead of logging in with the account details, you would simply use your email address. This would then email you directly to your registered email and provide a link for you to directly access the website.

This functionality is used on many websites now as improved way to log in and to stop the reliance on passwords which are either easy to access for hackers or too hard to remember for users when they need to log in!

The purpose also has additional security elements that enable a 2 factor authentication, which you will be familiar with from using on other websites. 

You can still access the log in via the same methods e.g. www.yourschoolname.co.uk/wp-admin but the page you will see will look like below.

If you do not have access to this or you don’t know what email you used to register, please email us at support@itchyrobot.co.uk.