The last few months has certainly been a learning curve, with schools having to adapt quickly and safely to the government legislation being issued daily.

What we know for sure is that the normal as we once knew it has changed and we can either embrace these changes and adapt accordingly or be left behind. So how can an iTCHYROBOT School website help you to comply?

We have worked tirelessly as I am sure you have over the lockdown and beyond to build and roll out functionality to enable schools to function remotely, digitally and ultimately SAFELY.

One of the feature we have within our school website that will benefit your school greatly, not just from an efficiency perspective but also a safe one.

Introducing our digital policy manager…

We know September brings a lot of work, along with it a raft of new policies that need creating, communicating and signing. With the social distancing measures and the introduction of as minimal touchpoint as possible, how will you manage the distribution of your school policies.

Let’s look at how these may be done at present. The policy is created and sent out, on paper, to all staff within your school to sign. Either a visit by each staff member to the school office to sign or left in the staff room, sent out via email for the staff member to print and sign.

How many times do you have to interact to get these policies signed? How many sheets of paper have you produced? How many times have you had to chase staff members who havent signed it? And then, there is an update and you end up going back through the process again!! ARRRGGGHHHH HOW MUCH TIME DOES THIS TAKE!?

Our digital policy manager is a cloud based, safe solution for managing all of your school policies.



The Policy Manager is a simple and effective tool, which is managed through your school website. All in one place.

So how does it work?

  1. Simply upload your policy to your school website for public or internal use only.
  2. The policy is emailed automatically to all staff who can open the policy within their email.
  3. Questions can be added to assess that a member of staff has not only read but understood the policy.
  4. Once all the questions are answered correctly, a digital signature box appears for your staff to sign.
  5. Reports in the system can monitor who has/hasn’t signed your policies with a copy of the date, their signature and question attempts

If the policy is updated, it goes back through the same process.

What is there not to like!?

The Policy Manager is included, as standard within our web platform and is one of many, compliant and safe solutions for your school.

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