Today we will be taking a more in depth look at our Online Lessons functionality going over the features.

The main benefits of the Online Lessons area are listed below.

  • The ability to have content behind a barrier so members of the public cannot access it.
  • Zoom integration for setting up of lessons with single or groups of children
  • Parents/Pupils can log into the school site and access lessons attached to their class.
  • Logged in accounts accessing their lessons can be tracked with their last seen time on each lesson.
  • Lessons can be accessed informally with just a URL and password.

Barriers to Access

As mentioned above the online lessons can be accessed in two ways the first one being via a login to the site which enables the user to access lessons selected for their class, this provides the benefit of giving the school information on the time that the pupil was last seen in the lesson. The second method is more informal the lesson URL can be sent to the user alongside a randomly generated password to provided specified access to that lesson for any child that needs it.

Zoom Integration

Once access keys have been added to the website from a Zoom account, sessions can then be created to work alongside the lesson content. In each lesson a time and date can be set for the live lesson. This part of the site though is entirely optional and is only meant to complement the content where it fits best.

Lesson Archive

All of the lessons in the site are loaded into one page where they can be colour coded to either class or subject.

The online lessons system is a great way to load content and make it available to pupils, if you have any questions on the above or would like a more in depth demo of the system please get in touch with [email protected]