Home learning is now a core part of school life, with Ofsted now saying that they will be looking at schools online learning provision with it being part of their ongoing grade it has suddenly become very important.

Let us not make it difficult for them! We all know the first place Ofsted look is your website and this is before they even step foot inside your school so why not have as many points ticked off as possible.

So, no matter whether you are using just the website to deliver content or if you are using a hybrid approach of google classrooms and other tech then shout about it on your website. Make it really obvious how you are assisting pupils and what resources they have available.

It doesn’t matter if this is done by a new section on the homepage of your site, a bit of scrolling text or even a flashing button that screams read me just make sure you show off your online learning to every visitor to your site.

Oak National Academy Resources

This week we have a couple of exciting additions to our sites. We have developed some new functionality that allows our schools drop the links for the Oak National Academy lessons straight onto their pages with a very clear layout that signposts user to the correct sections on the site.

This functionality can also be added to any wordpress website so even if you aren’t currently a customer please get in touch and we can get it sent out to you for install.

Free Online Learning Policy Template

The second update this week is that we will soon be releasing a document template for your online learning policy which covers the use of the above links and a range of other topics related to online learning in schools. This will be automatically added to our schools platform very soon but if you would like to get ahead or are not yet running our platform please get in touch with me at scott@itchyrobot.co.uk

What can we do?

No matter what stage you are at with your online learning whether you have been a pro since day one of lock down or are just getting started with it ready for summer catch up. Get in touch with us to talk solutions and updates mentioned above to help give your school a boost at this time.