So, you’ve instructed a web company to provide you with a website for your school that makes your school stand out. They have delivered the final product and guess what, there are several hundred other schools who have the same design.

Do me a quick favour? Click onto your website and cover your school logo with your hand.

Can you tell your website is your own school? Are your school colours consistent throughout the site, is the language you have used consistent and are your fonts the same as your brand? Do you your school values and ethos come across throughout your website? If not, then how do you communicate your school’s unique identity and values?

iTCHYROBOT provide all of our schools with a website that is customised to their school – this includes design and functionality, their school branding is consistent, their children appear in vibrant images on the site, the schools values and ethos are apparent immediately.

That is the difference when iTCHYROBOT deliver a website for you. Our plan isn’t to make the website fit to your school with a standard template, but more to celebrate your school’s achievements and individuality with a custom design that fits around your school.

We work with you to understand “What do you want your community to know about your school?”, “how are you different?” and a strong, professional brand instills confidence in your school.

Take a look at some of the websites we have recently created and you will appreciate the real difference of a custom designed site.

If you would like to speak to our team about your school website, please contact us today on 01642 688808 or email

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