This time of year is an exciting but also a worrying time for parents whose children may be entering Year 7 and the start of their secondary school journey, or saying goodbye to their child as they make their first steps into Reception. As a school, it is important to ensure parents feel comfortable and confident that their child will be safe, happy, and understand how and when they can communicate with you, or vice versa.

Here are our 4 Key Tips you can start implementing in your school

1. Make Your Parents Feel Welcome from the Start

The journey of a child into a new school is not just about the child; it’s about the entire family. It’s crucial to make parents feel valued and welcome right from the beginning. Have you made contact with your parents since they received the great news that their child has been successful in obtaining a place at your school? At the start of the school year, why not send parents a warm welcome email?

It doesn’t have to be anything too complex; consider creating an email that expresses your excitement about their child joining your school. Include a brief introduction of key staff members, mention important dates, and provide contact information for any questions or concerns. This simple gesture can go a long way in easing parents’ anxieties and setting a positive tone for their relationship with the school.

Or, if you have already started the new school term, why not send an email reminder of the details that is crucial they are aware of?

2. Ensure Parents Are Aware of Your Communication Policies

Effective communication is the foundation of a strong parent-school partnership. Ensure that parents are not only aware of your communication policies but also know where to find information when they need it. Clearly outline the channels you use to disseminate information, such as newsletters, school apps, or a dedicated school website section for parents.

Consider organising orientation sessions or workshops to familiarize parents with these communication tools and answer any questions they might have. When parents are confident in their ability to stay informed, they are more likely to engage actively with the school.

The Team at iTCHYROBOT have a cost-effective, simple solution for ensuring parents know how and where to contact you with our Comms Card.

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Simply provide us with your key forms of parent communication and we will create you your own branded card to give to your parents. Branded with your school colours and customised to your school communications, this card really is a game-changer!

3. Encourage Parents to Get Involved in the School

Engaged parents are more likely to have children who succeed academically and feel happier in their school environment. Encourage parents to actively participate in school activities and events. This can include volunteering for school committees, attending parent-teacher meetings, or participating in extracurricular programs.

Create a warm and inclusive atmosphere that welcomes parents to be part of the school community. Their involvement not only benefits their child’s education but also strengthens the overall sense of belonging within the school.

4. Create a FAQ Page on Your Website

Sometimes, parents have common questions or concerns that can easily be addressed. To streamline communication and provide quick answers, consider creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your school’s website. Include key information about school policies, procedures, important dates, and other relevant details.

Encourage parents to check this page first before reaching out with inquiries. It can save both parents and school staff valuable time and ensure that everyone has access to consistent and accurate information.

If your school website is not user friendly or does not reflect your school, chat to one of our Team about coming onboard with an iTCHYROBOT Website, schedule a chat with us today or if you are ready to start your journey you can get a quote.

In conclusion, welcoming new parents into your school community is not just a one-time event; it’s an ongoing process. By making parents feel welcome, informed, and engaged, you can build a strong partnership that benefits both the students and the school. It’s an investment that pays off in the long run, fostering a positive and supportive educational environment for everyone involved.

Remember, the journey of a child through their education is a collaborative effort between parents and educators. Let’s make it a remarkable one!