With the Summer Hols in full swing, hopefully the kids are out enjoying the weather while it’s nice! However, we all know what a British summer is like and it’s bound to be rainy and grey for at least a few days. You may find it hard to pry them off Roblox or Fortnite, but we’ve put together a short list of some fun, educational games you can try to keep their brains engaged for learning!

Interland – Link

This is one of our favourite educational games. Interland is a fantastic way to help children learn about being safe online. With more and more of their daily life spent on a device, these skills are more important than ever! There are also loads of great resources for parents to help educate their children too.

google interland

Natural History Museum – Link

If you can’t get down to London to visit, this is the next best thing! Packed with games, activities and more, the Natural History Museum website is a great way to help curious minds learn more about dinosaurs, nature and more.

natural history museum logo

BBC Bitesize – Link

One of the classics that has been going since some of our team were at school, Bitesize has even put together a listicle of their own games that they’d recommend over summer! The site is packed with information, activities and types of educational games to cover almost any subject.

bbc bitesize logo

Tate Kids – Link

There’s nothing better (and sometimes messier!) than getting the paints out on a rainy day, but sometimes inspiration can be hard to find! You can turn to Tate Kids to help your children find out more about certain artists, learn about art styles and get inspired to be creative.

tate kids logo

National Geographic – Link

Exploring the world may seem like a pipe dream, but National Geographic can help with that! The site is packed with world class photography and interactive lessons to help children learn about the world.

national geographic logo

TopMarks – Link

TopMarks is packed with a wide range of different maths and English games for ages all the way from 3 up to 14! With so many games, there’s bound to be something to help your children develop their skills.

topmarks educational games logo

The iTCHYROBOT Tech Team created their own game last year! Although it’s not strictly educational, it is a lot of fun – give it a go and let us know how you or your kids do on our social media!