As a trusted provider of school websites, iTCHYROBOT are often faced with barriers and resistance to investing in their school website. One of the most popular we hear is ‘there is no point in spending money on my website as no one looks at it’?

This may well be the case, but you should not accept that as a reason not to invest in your website. Engaging your parents in your school communications can improve relationships, attendance and buy-in. If parents are not visiting your website then surely this should be a reason why you SHOULD be investing in your website.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why your parents may not be looking at your website.

They don’t know it exists

Do you ever promote your website to your parents? Do they know how to access it? If you searched on google would they be able to find it?

Simple tactics such as publishing your website address on your letters home or website address and telling people that they can access this from your website may encourage parents to view the site.

Have you tried searching for your school website yourself? Do you appear in Google?

Lack of information or too much information?

Parents may well have visited your website – once, but there was no information of interest. Let’s be honest if you only use your website to comply with regulations which parents would want to trawl through school policies or your school stats?

Have you tried adding your letters or newsletters? Creating a class page that Parents can access that has useful information such as homework, events, school trips, useful forms. Posting images of your pupils engaging in learning activities, parents love looking at pictures of their children (obviously, only those you have consent for!)

How often do you update your content? If you have a newsletter section that you last uploaded in 2015, chances are that parent is not coming back.

Too much information can also put parents off. Can they find the information they need quickly and simply. Do you have a dedicated section for parents?

Do you have a search facility just in case parents can’t navigate around your website?

A single approach to communication

More and more schools are using Social Media which is amazing and whilst social media can provide parental engagement, you are limited to how much you can post and what you can post.

If you are using social media and post something about your children engaging in a classroom learning exercise or outdoor pursuit, why not encourage parents to find out further information about their topic and how they can support their child by linking back to the curriculum page or class page on your school website.

Once they are on your site they will probably take a good look around.

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