Newcomen Primary School, located in Redcar, is an exceptional educational institution known for its unwavering commitment to student-focused learning with a clear set of values and vision. With a strong sense of tradition and a deeply embedded presence within the community, Newcomen Primary School is characterised by a genuine and supportive partnership between parents, carers, and the school.

Their school’s ethos and values are not just words but are evident in every aspect of school life and in the interactions between staff and pupils. Recognising the need for a digital platform that accurately reflected their identity and their pursuit of excellence, Newcomen Primary School embarked on a comprehensive website redesign project.

In collaboration with iTCHYROBOT, the school not only revamped their website but also engaged our professional photographer to capture beautiful images that would encapsulate life at the school, creating a complete and impressive online presence.

Newcomen Primary School now possesses a digital platform that not only informs but also resonates deeply with its community and exemplifies its pursuit of excellence in education.

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