Your parents just like everyone else needs consistency, consistent message delivery on a consistent channel of communication consistently.

Yes, social media, blogs, newsletters are great, however, you send an email – how many emails do you think your parents receive on a daily basis? How easy is it to get lost amongst the raft of emails you receive on a daily basis?

A social media post is great and definitely should play a part in your overall social media strategy. However, social media news feeds get millions if not billions of posts a day, and once that post has been scrolled past on your newsfeed that message may be lost, especially if you are also posting lots of messages on a regular basis.

Your school website is the perfect location and central point for all types of information – a document store, access to all information relating to the school.

At this moment in time, ensuring compliance is an afterthought and your school website can be used much more effectively in being the voice of your school. All parents will (or should know) that you have a school website but how many know of your social media channels and know to access that to find all the latest school updates? Your school website is a permanent fixture, and assuming you are updating it regularly with all of the latest information.

We have seen many of our school using the website to publish their learning materials, rather than expecting parents to download or access several different websites and platforms. When communicating and engaging with parents, we need to make this as easy as possible for parents.

Hopefully your website has the capability to allow you to edit the content and add and manage your pages, upload documents and parents/carers can easily navigate.

You could,

  • Create a section on Covid-19 – parents will then know any information relating to that will be available on that page
  • Upload all of your newsletters and stories, make sure it is all in one page on your website
  • Create a parents or pupils area and ensure all of the content relating to them
  • Create class pages for parents to have access to their child’s learning
  • Create an area for staff to access information, after all, not all staff may be in the school at any one time. How are you ensuring there is communication regularly with staff? If your website has the capabilities you can create secure areas within your website that only staff can access them.

We are all relying on digital and cloud solutions a lot more, whether we like it or not, so let’s take this an opportunity to learn, grow and develop our digital communications and invest in our website as it will and does play an integral part of the overall communications strategy.