Your school website is the perfect platform to engage, inform and promote your school. It is the first point of call for prospective parents or potential new staff and also a target for Ofsted. keeping you website up to date should be seen as an opportunity not a chore.

Over the next 5 days, iTCHYROBOT will provide you with tips and tricks to get your website up to date, refreshed for the new year, giving you peace of mind should any stakeholder or parent visit your site.

This may have been a job that hasn’t been a priority for the start of the new school year and potentially you have been putting this off. Now that the year is well underway, is it now time to get started on making a positive impact on your school website?

So let’s get started!

Old and out of date content only takes up space on your website and may be off putting to visitors who land on your site. From the start of a new term, most recent content is more relevant to users than content from 2 years ago.

Here is a quick checklist of old content that you can start removing and streamline your website.