1. Remove any staff who are no longer employed (this should be something that is done regularly)
  2. Remove any letters or newsletters that are no longer relevant – or better still archive these into terms, months or years (just in case you may need them again). It is suggested that the priority are newsletters from the start of Sept 2020.
  3. Remove or archive your old events, even better, create a news story of the events that your school participated in last term and add all of your new ones.
  4. Data from more than 2 years old. This may include your Pupil Premium – which is only required by Ofsted to publish data from the previous school year and the current school year
  5. Governors – have you changed your Governing Body or any new members added?
  6. Old or broken links? To check over your website for any hidden content that no longer exists there is a handy tool that can be used. https://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/
  7. If you have a WordPress website (if you are an iTCHYROBOT client then you definitely do!) you can check your site map where all of the pages within your website appear. You can then see which pages are required and are not.

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