With a certain amount of pupils staying at home for some time yet we are taking a look at more ways to help create videos and methods for doing so.

If you haven’t read the first part please click here to do so this just covers some of the basics gives you some tips to make it easier and a couple of things to think about.

In this blog we are more going to look at the technology that can be used to record really easily and simply.

  1. Videos can be recorded on phones very easily and the uploaded to vimeo or youtube. The only thing you really need for this is a mount for your phone to make sure you get a nice clear picture. You could even make a homemade stand with what you have lying around and your first video could be how you made it so pupils can give it a go too!
  2. Zoom, this program is for conference calls I hear you say but you can set it to record the meeting and yes you can have meetings with only one person. Zoom will then give you a file which can be upload as you need. Another idea for zoom is don’t do it alone see if you can get another teacher or assistant to help out if you are nervous or unsure.
  3. Loom is a technology that has arisen in popularity for recording videos, it integrates directly into chrome and allows you to record very easily so this is another technology if zoom is not an option to get started.

iTCHYROBOT have developed a range of solutions during this time to help with secure hosting of videos and displaying them in a protected manor with passwords which hopefully ease some of the worries that schools may have.

If you have any questions or would like to chat about creating videos for more tips or hints, please get in touch.