With the huge and changing range of guidance, news and information constantly fed through the main stream media and regulatory bodies, it is not surprising that there is a lot of uncertainty in the education sector. Many parents and children are anxious about children going back to school and no doubt have a million questions.

Create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on your school website and collate all of the questions that have been raised by parents on it, together with comprehensive answers.

This may alleviate the need for phone calls to the school or people assuming. Obviously and understandably, some parents will want to speak directly but signposting parents to a page such as this may give peace of mind. Letters have been communicated but this is in the

The last thing a school needs at this moment in time is negativity on social media and so, by being proactive and creating the answers to the key questions that parents want to know is a simple, effective way of minimising concerns.

If your website will allow it, even provide a form for parents to upload their own questions if it hasn’t been answered currently and update it as and when required.

As a starting point, this may include simple questions including:

Which year groups will be starting school in June?

What date will the year groups be starting back at school?

Will staff be wearing PPE?

What do I do if a member of my family is displaying symptoms?

Am I legally required to send my child back to school if they are one of the suggested year groups for return?

Will children be in school full-time or part-time?

Will the school times of the day be the same?

I am a key worker, but my child is in one of the groups not returning, can I still send my child to school?

You could even group the questions or signpost to guidelines and advice on other websites including the Department of Education or key government documentation.

We can’t always assume that parents are following the guidance from the Government and know what the processes are on indeed, what process your school is following and this is a simple, effective way of communicating to parents/carers and pupils.