Whatever your point of view during this time it has really been the moment for most businesses to sink or swim.

We have worked with all of our schools and business clients in some way during lockdown to help them see the other side and to be ready for it!

Below are just two of the projects we have worked on which are stories of how our customers have turned a bad situation into one that can benefit them.

A Class Community Learning

Karen approached us just before lockdown began, she was looking for someone to develop a website to be able to advertise her community courses and gather interest in them.

We took the opportunity of lockdown to focus on how the website should work, getting all of the content spot on, delivering training over zoom so Karen is in full control of everything. So now as lockdown is getting lifted one step at a time. We have finished a great website for A Class ready to advertise all of her courses the site has only been live a few days at this point but we are already seeing interaction and interest from the public.

“I cannot thank you enough for helping me get my website up and running. As you know I had only just set my business up and it was all very new to me. Lots of people had said it was just easy to set my website up myself! I did not know where to start! Scared and stressed was an understatement as I knew I needed it sorting quickly.

After sitting with you and discussing what my needs were (before Covid 19), I knew I had made the right decision coming to speak with you. You have made the whole process for me just perfect. I have worked hard with Scott throughout the process and his help has been phenomenal. He has talked me through every aspect. He has answered my one million questions that I have sent on a daily basis. Nothing has been too much trouble. The support you provide is exceptional and I thank you for that! The exciting parts for me now are where my website can go and develop!”

Karen Deen – A Class Community Learning


Classic Lodges

When hotels across the country closed down and became unavailable to the public, Richard could have just waited out the lockdown and re opened on the other side.

Classic Lodges immediately contacted us and we discussed various methods of what we could implement on the site to help. So during the course of lockdown we have done everything from key worker accommodation forms, to customer feedback strategies and ways of getting their staff prepared on new procedures for their return to work.


There’s still time!

Lockdown really was the time to get your digital strategy up and running and prepared for returning to the new normal. Saying this though there is still time to look at your online presence, functionality and return strategy.

TVCA Back to Business Grant

There is a fantastic opportunity for funding through the Tees Valley Combined Authority Back to Business grant.

The fund is aimed towards the Leisure and Hospitality sector providing a grant that can be used towards specialist advice and professional services that you need support with, including digital and IT consultancy.

To register for this visit > https://www.teesvalleybusiness.com/support-for-businesses/back-to-business/  

If you are in doubt about any of the above get in touch with us today to book in a chat to see how we can help.